Jumbo Tissue 2ply
(12 Count)

$ 37.99

Empress Jumbo Tissue 2ply 1000' x 9″ – 12 Rolls/Box


Jumbo Tissue 2ply 1000′ x 9″ – Empress (12 Count)

This Jumbo Tissue 2ply comes with 12 rolls each 1000′ long. These rolls are 9″ in diameter and they are manufactured for Empress Jumbo Towel Dispensers. These rolls will work on either the double (RD 0027) or the single (RD 0026) roll dispensers. These Bathroom Tissues are extremely soft and absorbent. Higher footage rolls allow for longer lasting service as well as a reduction in storage space for the bathroom tissues and the dispenser.
Today’s demanding customers require a premium bath tissue that delivers at-home comfort. Empress Bath Tissues are perfect for lodging, healthcare, schools, gas stations, gyms, physical therapy centers, hotels, offices, and fine restaurants. Make a statement to your patrons that you do not cut costs at the expense of their comfort with Empress Bath Tissue.

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Additional information

Weight 20.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 27 x 27 in


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(12 Count)”

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